Big Leaf


The Historical Narratives with Betsy Baublitz

Betsy has been married to Justin for 5 years. She formerly taught kindergarten and first grade. Now she spends her time staying at home with her three kiddos. Betsy grew up attending a church that focused on reading the Bible verse by verse. That experience gave her the passion to learn and study God's Word on her own and in community.

The Wisdom Literature with Katie Musil 

Katie graduated from K-State with a degree in Communication Studies and is now on staff at NorthRidge Church. She is married to Charles and they have a dog named Spurgeon. Katie developed a passion for biblical literacy while interning with her campus ministry and is excited to help girls meet God in His Word and equip them to walk with Him for a lifetime.

The Prophets with Vickie Angell

Vickie has been married to Scott for 43 years. They have three sons by birth, three daughters by marriage, and seven precious grandchildren. She spent 21 years as a vocal music teacher and has been involved in music at church and women's bible studies. Her favorite thing to do is learn new things, which currently includes the inductive bible study method and watercolor.

When the Gospel Meets My Story with Mari Carnes

Mari was born and raised in El Paso, TX. She graduated from New Mexico State University, married Austin, and moved to Kansas where together they have three beautiful children under the age of 5. Mari takes great pleasure in learning how to study God's word and helping others do the same. She also enjoys cooking, bike rides, and dancing in the kitchen with her kiddos. 

Discovering Spiritual Disciplines with Mandy Simpson

Mandy met her husband Paul while attending K-State and is a mother to three wonderful daughters. She loves meeting with other women in discipleship ministry and continues to educate and tutor at home. She is passionate about knowing God better through His Word and is thrilled to have the opportunity to encourage young ladies in this area.

The Storyline of Scripture with Hannah Erickson

Hannah has been married to Regent for almost two years. After graduating from K-State with a degree in Family Studies, she worked for Christian Challenge for two years before they relocated to Davenport, IA. Hannah currently works in Women's Ministry at Coram Deo Bible Church as an administrative assistant. She loves coffee, cooking, and Hallmark movies!

Panel on Biblical Femininity with Sarah Kaeb

Sarah has been married to Derek for 10 years and has three children. She has been involved in several ministries including Moms on Mission, Perspectives on the World Christian Movement and one-on-one discipleship. She is grateful to spend the majority of her time at home discipling her children and learning to study God's Word on her own.

God's Heart for the Nations with Jodi Pribyl

Jodi graduated from Iowa State University in 2003 with a degree in Elementary Education. After teaching Kindergarten for two years, she moved to Turkey where she lived for three years. She now lives in Manhattan, KS and is on staff with Christian Challenge at K-State. She loves meeting with women and the zeal and energy that students offer.